The reason could be anything from file size to browser-related trouble which is causing attachment issue. At times, a lot of Yahoo users wonder what is stopping them to attach a file to an email. Well, it’s better to find out the possible reasons regarding “file attachment issue”.

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Reasons for not able to solve file attachment issue are:

  • May be new antivirus installed on your PC is blocking file attachment.
  • Extension of the file is not permissible via Yahoo.
  • The file size is bigger than the permissible size.
  • Possibly, your web browser is causing the issue.
  • Perhaps, Firewall is interfering with the file attachment in Yahoo.

Guidelines to troubleshoot attachment issue in Yahoo mail account:

  • File size

Yahoo users are allowed to attach a file with a size, not more than 25MB.  You need to revise the size of your attachment in case it’s more than the allotted size.

  • Restrictions on file

Yahoo will refuse to accept your file if it contains the special characters like “!#@%$^”. Remove them immediately if your file’s name contains such things.

  • Antivirus issue

In some cases, anti-virus also stops the attachment for getting uploaded in a mail. It is recommended to disable antivirus temporarily and then attempt to attach the file. If the issue is still not resolved, turn on your Antivirus and scan PC for malware or virus.

  • Disable shockwave flash Add-on

Disabling the Shockwave Flash Add-on can assist you in resolving the problem in most of the cases.

And to disable Flash, go through the instructions:

In Chrome: You need to type chrome://plugins address bar and then press enter. With this, you need to locate the Flash player. And disable the Flash.

  • In Internet Explorer: Next, in your Internet Explorer you have to click the gear icon and choose “Manage Add-ons”. Just click on the Show box. Afterwards, enter “All Add-ons”. You have to find “Shockwave Flash” and disable it.
  • In Firefox: Initially, you need to go to the main menu and click on (three horizontal lines). The very next step says to locate “Add-ons” and click on it. And you need to locate, enter on “Plugins”. Just find “Shockwave Flash” and can disable it.

Moreover, Yahoo experts are always available to cater you with the excellent solutions.