Error codes in Comcast Email are generally a combination of a couple of numbers and alphabets representing a technical issue in different functionalities and operations of Comcast email. These error codes indicate a user about some sort of technical issue while performing activities like signing in, sending email, receiving email, sending files, spam emails issue etc. Below, we have mentioned some of the most common error codes (along with solution) faced by users in their Comcast Email account.


 Guide to Solve Common Error Codes in Comcast Email


 1.) Error Code ES000001

When you try to send an email from a residential or dynamic IP address, you may receive an error code ES000001. This is because Comcast doesn’t allow users to send email from any other server than To avoid this error, always try to send and receive email through Comcast mail servers only. However, if you want to use your own mail server, it is best to get in touch with Comcast Support team.


2.) Error Code ES000010

As Comcast does not allow any dynamic or residential IP address to directly connect to its mail server, so sending email from your Comcast email account through a dynamic/residential IP address is more likely to present error code ES000010. Comcast is known to categorize your mail server’s IP as dynamic when the reverse DNS does not follow the standard static naming conventions.

In order to resolve this issue, you can ask your mail provider to review the settings of email server to make sure that Comcast doesn’t keep on blocking it. However, if your mail provider is unable to change their naming conventions, it is best to consult the Customer Security Assurance Department (CSA) of Comcast.


3.) Error Code BL000001

If your email service provider is listed in the Spamhaus SBL/XBL, you may receive error code BL000001. Spamhaus SBL/XBL contains a list of email providers that are considered as spammers. In order to fix the error, it is recommended to visit Spamhaus.


4.)  Error Code BL000100

When you mail provider is listed under SenderScore, you may receive error code BL000100. SenderScore maintains a list of mail service providers who are found to be sending spam. To get rid of this error, it is best to visit SenderScore.


5.) Error Code BL001110  

When you see error code BL001110 in your Comcast mail account, it means that your mail provider is listed under Cloudmark Sender Intelligence (CSO), TrendMicro MAPS and SenderScore that maintain a list of mail providers who are considered to be sending Spam emails. To remove the blocks, it is recommended to visit CSI, MAPS, and SenderScore.

So, these are some of the common error codes of Comcast Email that can be resolved easily by above-mentioned solutions.