If you are using a printer, then you can understand the pain of refilling an ink cartridge. You don’t need to take this pain anymore; the latest Epson L220 printer comes with integrated ink tanks. This will work up to two years without interrupting your printing needs.

So, you also got your new Epson L220 printer and want to use it, but don’t know how to install it. Don’t panic; we are here to help you. In this step-by-step guide, we will let you know to install your Epson L220 printer easily.

Steps to install Epson L220

Step 1- The first step to install Epson L220 is to download the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility and install it in your computer

Step 2- Now click on Agree to the End-User License Agreement, and then click on Next button

Step 3- Here you need to click on Install, and after that Finish

Step 4- Now select your product Epson L220 from the list and then click on Next button

Step 5- This will direct you to Printer Registration window, here click on Next button

Step 6- Now select Agree, and then click on Next button

Step 7- Once you see the Register a printer to Epson Connect message, the click on OK button, you need to do any of below action

  • For creating a new account simply fill out the “Create an Epson Connect Account” form, and after that click on Finish button
  • For registering a new product with an existing account(if you already have an account with Epson), go for “I already have an account”, and then fill out the “Add a new printer” form and then click on Add button

Step 8- And finally click on Close button

Your Epson L220 printer is properly installed now and ready to use. You can start taking prints now onwards. If you still find problem with your Epson printer then you can call our Epson printer service and support team anytime on this toll-free number. We are third-party customer service provider for Epson printers for your all concern.