Microsoft Outlook lets users create signatures for their outgoing emails messages and give them a personalized appearance. One can easily include text, images, logo, handwritten signature, electronic business card, etc. to a signature in Outlook. If you already have a signature added to your Outlook account wish to edit it in your email program, you can do so easily by following the instructions provided below in this guide.

Steps to Edit a Signature in Outlook

NOTE: The below-mentioned instructions are for Outlook 2016, the steps may vary for other versions of Outlook.

  • In your Outlook program, you will need to go to the File > Options > Mail > Signatures.
  • Once you are in the Signatures section, you will need to click on the signature you wish to edit.
  • Then, you can make your desired changes in the Edit signature box.
  • Once you are making the changes, simply select the Save button and click OK. The signature will be edited as per your preferences

NOTE: In case you have a Microsoft Office 365 account, and you are using Outlook and Outlook on the web or Outlook on the web for business, it is suggested to always create a signature for both products separately. Here are the steps to create a new signature in Outlook.

1.) Open a new email message in your Outlook email program and select the Signature option. Next, under the Signature section, select the Signatures option from the Message menu.

NOTE: The location of the Message and Signature option may vary according to the size of Outlook window and also on the condition if you are replying, forwarding, or composing a new email.

2.) Next, select the New option under Select signature to edit section and enter a name for your signature in the New Signature dialog box.

3.) Then, you will need to open the Edit signature section and compose your signature. Change its fonts, font color, text sizes, as well as the alignment of the text to give your signature a personalized appearance.

4.) After you are done making the desired changes for the new signature, you will need to go to the Choose default signature option and configure the following options:

  • Open the E-mail account drop-down box and select the email account you wish to link with this signature. Similarly, you can create different signatures for different email accounts.
  • To add the signature to all new email messages automatically, you will need to open the New messages drop-down box and choose on your signatures.
  • If you don’t wish to add your signature to the new messages automatically, you will need to select the “none” option.
  • To add your signature to the emails you forward or reply to, you will need to go to the Replies/forward drop-down and choose one of your signatures.

5.) Once you are done making these configurations, you will need to click on the OK button to finish the process.

NOTE: Outlook is not going to add your new signature to the email you opened in Step 1 even when you have configured the option to apply the new signature to all new emails. In this case, either you will have to discard this message or add the new signature manually. For all the future outgoing messages, the signature will be included automatically.

If still you are getting any issue, You can call Outlook customer support service number to resolve your issue with Outlook account.