Sometimes users want to take black & white print to color print, so when needed to take color print then they need to color ink it. This requires a lot of technical changes in your computer’s operating system too. This needs to be in a proper sync for without any error.

Your dell 940 printer gives you freedom to change ink from black to color if want to take a color print from any operating system. We have this step-by-step guide which helps you to change black ink to color on your dell 940 printer. Simply follow each step and get it done.

Step 1 – Go to Control Panel

The first step is to go to Control Panel from your computer. First click on the Start menu and then move to Control Panel.

Step 2 – Go to View devices and Printers

The next step is to click on devices and printers; which will show you the connected printer and other devices connected with this device. You can easily find your connected dell 940 printer here.

Step 3 – Printer’s properties

When you find your dell 940 then you need to right-click on it and from right-click menu click on Properties. You can easily explore various properties of your printer.

Step 4 – Set security and ports

You will see various setting tabs according to your operating system. Now you can set security, ports, color management and other settings to get fine printing output.

Step 5 – Change color using radio button

After completing the step-4 settings then you need to finally change the output print from black to color; you can choose it by clicking on the radio button. After that you need to close all these windows and move out from control panel. Your setting has been done from black to color printing; you can take color printouts now easily.

If you find any problem then you can connect to our dell printer support and service team for instant solution on this toll-free number on 1-800-675-6486. We are third-party service provider for dell printers providing quick solution to users.