Your HP’s All-In-One and multi-purpose printers are great to have. They not just give printing solution but work as scanner too. You can easily do scanning of your hard copy documents, photos and others to convert and save them as soft copy.

If your scanner is working without any technical glitch then it is great but when there is a scanner failure then you cannot use it. You must be wondering how to fix HP Scanner Failure Problem; we have few quick hacks to fix it at your own. And the best part is that you don’t need to be a tech savvy to do it.

1 – Reset/Restart Your HP Printer-Scanner

This is a very common situation when you haven’t use your scanner for a longer while and kept it idle. You just need to refresh it; so simply switch it off, remove the power cord and wait for 15-20 seconds. It will get reset. After that connect the power cord once again, switch it on and go for test printing and then try scanning. This will work for any temporary issue or idle mode. If it doesn’t work then you can try the next trick.

2 – Repair or fix the power connection

Your HP printer-scanner needs an un-interrupted power supply to work properly. If there is insufficient power supply then you cannot use your scanner.

But you can handle this too at your own. You just need to check whether any damage and scratch on power cord or not. If yes then you need to replace it with a new one. After replacing it, you can test scanning any document or photo with your HP scanner. But, if this issue persists then you can connect with HP scanner support team here on this link.

3 – Overhauling of Printer/Scanner by Service Expert

When you don’t get a solution for your HP scanner failure with above tricks then you need to get it service done with service expert. The overhauling process requires opening of each part and cleaning of dust particles from its internal components. You should also check functionality of entire which does scanning process; here you need to make sure to get it done with expert and carefully to avoid any damage of internal components. And we recommend you to contact on HP scanner support number for a better solution.